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Instant Hair Growth is an active Hair Growth Serum that is produced with 100% natural extracts.

Nothing depicts health, wealth and peace of mind like full hair. We all want it, be it a full head of hair, full eyebrows or beards. Anything less depicts a lack of self-care or some kind of unease. This is what plagued me for nearly 15 years of my life, when I started to experience an increasing amount of hair loss, year after year. I read up on hair; textures, care, growth and its stages, so as to educate myself on what to expect, and what to look for. I tried quite a few remedies but none of it gave me the solution I was hoping for. I was determined not to grow old and hairless, so I made it my mission to find a sustainable solution, and because the internet was not as accessible or informative as it is now, my research was based purely on travel, trial and error.

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